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Very recently, OpenAI did a live stream and just launched GPT4 into chatGPT Plus. It's a gamechanger, and we wanted to be the first to give you tools in GPTZign to take advanatage of it.

Be the FIRST to experience the revolution as we're rapidly integrating  GPT-4 into our GPTZign content tools, giving you a first-mover advantage like never before!

What was previously not possible in ChatGPT is now becoming reality, thanks to GPT-4 and GPTzign.

Unlock a world of endless possibilities, exclusive to GPTZign users:

💰 Produce compelling sales copy from 5,000 to 25,000 words, turbocharging conversions and driving revenue!

📚 Craft captivating long-form blog posts from 500 to 2,000 words - tailor-made to your unique vision!
🧲 Create irresistible lead magnets spanning 5,000 to 25,000 words, magnetizing prospects with ease!

Just imagine: 25,000 words equals a jaw-dropping 1 hour and 40 minutes of reading time! That's enough content for a short novel, an in-depth academic paper, or multiple chapters of a non-fiction book! This will let you easily craft long-form content like sales pages, easily.

But that's not all! GPTZign's groundbreaking summarizing capabilities empower you to:

🌐 Summarize and import any URL, then rephrase and reword it to make it uniquely yours!
🔄 Remix articles from across the internet, effortlessly crafting original content!
✍️ Instantly emulate the style of legendary copywriters, infusing your content with their proven techniques!
📄 Digest long-form documents, industry news, market research reports, white papers, and more - perfect for learning and redistribution!

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AI is only as good as the instructions you give it.
If it gets a junk prompt in, it gives junk output in response.

GPTZign eliminates that problem, and all it takes is 3 simple steps...


Select A Template

Select from sales copy, VSL scripts, customer persona, lead magnets, email, video scripts and more...


Choose Your Style

Customize with tone, styles and various angles to match your brand or your client's...


Publish & Grow!

Click "generate" and watch as GPTZign gives you the exact prompts to use in chatGPT! 

Customers are already loving GPTZign!


X Unique ideas

First you need to come up with unique idea...


X Inspiration

... next you'll need inspiration to write it up...


X Prompting

... even if you use AI, you'll need the right prompts...


X Or Hiring...

... and hiring will be too costly in the long run!

Coming up with high-quality content is a daunting task, whether you are a seasoned marketer or just starting out...

From brainstorming unique ideas to finding the right inspiration, creating content that resonates with your audience can be time-consuming and frustrating. And if you're using ChatGPT, you still need to generate the right prompts to bring your ideas to life. And if you hire someone to do it for you, it can cost a pretty penny. But with GPTzign, you can finally create high-quality content with ease. No more writer's block, no more costly freelancers, just a simple and powerful tool to supercharge your marketing game. Try GPTzign today and unlock your content creation potential!


GPTzign is a cutting-edge AI-assisted platform that makes it easy to create high-quality marketing content in minutes

Create unlimited lead magnets, email series, blog posts, adverts, sales copies, video scripts, youtube videos, twitter threads and more!


Everything you need TO LAUNCH YOUR next campaign

Generate high-quality content for marketing your next project and save all your marketing assets in one place.

  • Lead magnets
  • Email series
  • Blog posts
  • Adverts
  • Sales copy
  • Sales video
  • Youtube videos
  • Twitter threads
  • And more!


We're adding SEO, LinkedIn Post, Facebook Posts, Press Releases, White Paper, Podcasts, Product descriptions and Case Studies over the week-end!



GPTzign offers a variety of writing tones to match your brand and connect with your audience. Whether you prefer a persuasive, serious, informative, inspiring, funny, friendly, witty, or urgent tone, GPTzign's AI-assisted technology can help you create personalized content that resonates with your target audience. With GPTzign, you have control over the tone of your messaging, allowing you to craft high-quality content that truly captures the voice of your brand.


  • Dan Kenney
  • Frank Kern
  • Ryan Deiss
  • Amy Porterfield
  • Jeff Walker
  • and 50+ famous copywriters !

Write in the voice of some of the greatest copywriters in history. This is a great starting point for creating your own style of content.  




With GPTzign's various frameworks for video scripts, email sequences, and more, you can quickly multiply your marketing IQ and be more efficient than ever before. From problem-solution video scripts to loyalty program emails, these frameworks offer a wealth of ready-to-use templates and best practices that will save you time and elevate the quality of your marketing materials. 


GPTzign integrates perfectly with ChatGPT* and gives you the prompt you need to generate your best marketing materials. 

  • Generate your prompts in GPTzign
  • Paste to ChatGPT
  • Save your materials in GPTzign


*GPTzign requires a free ChatGPT account.

Watch a demo

Entire walkthrough of GPTzign



Introducing the companion GPTzign Chrome Extension. This makes GPTzign even more useful and accessible by letting you open it anywhere you need it while doing productive work.

Access GPTzign anywhere in your browser:

  • While working on your landing page
  • While crafting email
  • While prompting in ChatGPT
  • While Tweeting or posting on LinkedIn
  • And anywhere you need it!

Save big on content creation.

You can cancel your Jasper.AI and Writesonic subscriptions. With GPTzign + ChatGPT, your content marketing cost will be $0.


Ways to use GPTzign

Blog posts

Create your next articles for your blog or social media


Generate welcome emails, re-engagement or product launch emails and more

Sales copy

Write a long form sales copy using best sales practices

Youtube videos

Create youtube video scripts including an intro, main content and outro

Twitter threads

Write professional Twitter threads, ready to be posted on Twitter

FB & Google Ads

Launch Facebook and Google Ads with AI-assisted copy writing

Sales videos

Create demo, how to, and VSL video scripts from scratch in just a few clicks

Customer persona

Define your ideal customer demographics, pain points and wants and needs

Idea generation

Find your next content idea from a list of 10 in just a few seconds

This is for you if you're a:



For agencies, GPTzign's AI-assisted technology enables you to create high-quality marketing materials with less time and effort. With the ability to generate various types of content and writing tones, you can serve your clients better and deliver results faster, increasing customer satisfaction and profitability.




For creators, GPTzign offers a powerful and user-friendly solution to help you streamline your content creation process and achieve better marketing results. Whether you're looking to generate unlimited free lead magnets, emails, blog posts, ads, sales copies, sales videos, or YouTube videos, GPTzign has got you covered. With its cutting-edge AI technology and a wealth of frameworks and templates, you can take your marketing game to the next level and achieve your business goals.

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Carefully crafted beautiful landing page for selling content marketing services as an agency. 


Comes in HTML or as a Kickpages funnel. Use it as is ot customize to make it your own.

$249 value

Professionally voiced and written sales video to sell your content services.

Content Services

Get this video with full rights, source files, voiceover track and use it as is or make it your own.

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Get unlimited access to GPTzign.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GPTzign?

GPTzign is an AI-assisted content creation tool that enables you to generate unlimited high-quality marketing materials for your business. GPTzign works alongside ChatGPT, which is a free AI language model, to help you generate prompts and ideas for your marketing materials. ChatGPT actually generates the content itself, while GPTzign helps you organize and save all your marketing materials. 

How does GPTzign works with ChatGPT?

To use GPTzign, you'll need a free ChatGPT account. Once you're logged in to ChatGPT, you can access GPTzign and start generating prompts and ideas for your marketing materials. ChatGPT will then use those prompts to generate the actual content. We recommend you watch the video walkthrough around the middle of this page to see for yourself how the two work together.

Is GPTzign easy to use?

Yes, GPTzign is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Once you have a free ChatGPT account, you can access ChatGPT from your GPTzign dashboard and start generating prompts for your marketing materials.

Can I use GPTzign to create content in different languages?

Yes, GPTzign supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and more. You can select your preferred language when creating your content, and GPTzign will generate prompts and suggestions in the chosen language.

Is my data and information safe with GPTzign?

Yes, Yes, we take data privacy and security very seriously at GPTzign. We use the latest encryption and security measures to ensure that your data is protected and secure at all times. You can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

Can GPTzign replace human copywriters and marketers? 

No, GPTzign is designed to help you streamline your content creation process and generate ideas, but it's not intended to replace human copywriters or marketers. GPTzign is a tool that helps you leverage AI technology to save time and improve the quality of your marketing materials, but it's not a substitute for human expertise and creativity.

Can I customize the prompts generated by GPTzign? 

Yes, you can customize and edit the prompts generated by GPTzign to fit your specific brand voice and messaging. GPTzign is designed to help you save time and generate ideas, but you have full control over the final output.

Did you use GPTzign for this sales page?

Yes! 90% of this sales page was written using content prompted with GPTzign, including the headlines, copy, and this very FAQ section!

Is there any upsells?

Yes, they are recommended but not compulsory to make GPTzign work.

Does this work with ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Plus is the fastest version of ChatGPT. So GPTzign will work even better with ChatGPT Plus. 


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